Career Profile

  • Currently a fifth-year PhD student in mechanical engineering with focus on wind energy and software development
  • Computational mathematical researcher with 5+ years' experience in scientific software development.
  • Solid theoretical knowledge of renewable energy and fluid mechanics.
  • Skilled in mathematical algorithms and high performance computing (CUDA/OpenMP).
  • Great passion for software development and data science.
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  • Gaertner, Evan, Shujian Liu, and Matthew Lackner. "Improved Free Vortex Wake Models Of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines." 34th Wind Energy Symposium. 2016
  • Cao, Lei, Xue Tong Li, Shu Jian Liu, and Min Ting Wang. "New Groove Design and Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Ultra-Fine Grain of Bar Rolling." Advanced Materials Research. Vol. 581. Trans Tech Publications, 2012
  • Liu, Shu Jian, and Bo Cheng Wu. "Optimum design of rolling schedule for tandem cold mill using SLPSO." Applied Mechanics and Materials. Vol. 101. Trans Tech Publications, 2012


Integration of WInDS and FAST - Rewrote free vortex method code WInDS in Fortran and coupled it to FAST for floating offshore wind turbine analysis.
Skills:Aerodynamics, wind turbine, Fortran, NREL FAST, Matlab
Treecode Algorithm to Accelerate WInDS Simulator - Modified the Barnes Hut Treecode Algorithm from C to CUDA and ran on GPU
Skills: Aerodynamics, wind turbine, CUDA, Parallel computing


  • MIE603 Adv Numerical Analys
  • MIE604 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • MIE605 Finite Element Anlys
  • MIE607 Adv Fluid Mechanics
  • MIE616 Engineering Des Optm
  • MIE673 Wind Turbine Design
  • MIE674 Offshore Wind Energy Systems
  • MIE707 Viscous Fluids
  • MIE796 Independent Study
  • MIE821 Turbulence

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